Change Or Rekeying Locks

Why would anyone want to do a Rekey Locks? It is a question many people ask. While it can be very simple to install or remove your existing locks, it may not be as easy to change them. If your home security system has already been installed, it may not be a good idea to do a Rekey Locks.

Rekey Locks

A Rekeying Lock is basically changing your existing locks and adding another set of keys. There is a big difference between doing this and renewing your locks. When you do this, you are literally changing the locks themselves. The amount of time involved in changing the locks themselves depends on the type and quality of lock that need replacing. There are two types of locks that you can rely. There is a keyed lock that will require that you add new keys to replace the old ones that have been misplaced.

When you do rekeying locks, you are essentially changing the locks from top to bottom. This involves taking a complete set of locks out of the lock itself and putting them back in. You must replace each screw that is on the outside of the lock. You must then replace the key inside of the lock as well. If you do this with the keyless entry system, you will need to replace the entire lock assembly.

Rekeying the other type of locks is much easier and doesn’t require you to replace the entire lock. A Latch-Key Locks is one example. These locks use a latch to make sure that all of the keys are locked into place. These locks are typically very simple to remove from the lock itself and install into the new location.

If your home security system is part of a Keyless Entry System, you can simply change all the locks at once. Most systems allow for this, but it may be different depending on your specific system. If you have a Latch-Key Locks installed in your system, you can simply remove the key and put it in with the new lock and reassemble it. This makes for a quick and easy change that most people prefer to do.

The reason why people choose to do these rekeying locks on their locks is because they are usually cheaper than changing them with the locks that come standard with many of today’s home security systems. You can usually find a home security system that offers an option for this, so if you don’t know what type of lock you need, it may just be something as simple as the locks you have on your doors or windows that come standard with your home security system. You can also find a professional company who will do the work for you if you don’t have access to a good lock installer in your area.

If your home security system comes with pre-programmed Locks and you want to change the locks, you can do this, too. Many systems will come with a variety of pre-programmed locks and you should check to see what kind of luck you have with your system and then do a Rekeying with those. Most of these locks have a key that has an electronic circuit that is programmed to turn on when the key is inserted into the keypad. If you want to do this for a different lock that is already on the door or window, you can just simply take out the keypad to the key and then insert the key you want to use for the new lock.

There are a lot of reasons why someone might want to do a Rekeying or change the locks on their home. It really depends on the type of lock that you already have and what you want for your new lock. However, there is one important thing that you need to be aware of.

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